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Adaptive, individualized instruction for increased student success in math.

The U.S. Department of Education reported Basic Algebra to have the highest failure and withdrawal rates among post-secondary math courses. Intermediate Algebra and Developmental Math followed closely behind. More than half of the mathematics courses offered at two-year colleges and 10-20 percent of the mathematics courses offered at four-year colleges are developmental math courses. Seventy-five percent of new students enrolling in two-year colleges must take one or more developmental mathematics courses, and on average, half of those student do not pass.

All of your students can achieve proficiency in mathematics with the Carnegie Learning Developmental Math Software Solution. Our solution provides students of all ages and skill levels with highly differentiated and self-paced instruction that meets their exact needs to improve their developmental math skills. That means your developmental math courses will be able to retain more students and quickly promote them into their degree programs.

Be sure to read about the effect that Carnegie Learning Developmental Math Solution has on retention rates in the Success Stories tab on the left. For detailed information about the program components, visit the Higher Education Curricula page.

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Providing students with the exact instruction needed to help them succeed in math, in current and future college math courses.
Redesign is a shift away from traditional programs, instructional resources and pedagogy, and a shift toward active learning that engages multiple student learning styles through technology, real world contexts and multiple instructional strategies.
Many students want to prepare for an upcoming test or refresh their knowledge of prior course content before advancing onto their next math course. These students will greatly benefit from the Cognitive Tutor software in their Learning Support Center.

Carnegie Learning Developmental Math Software Solutions help students achieve competency in developmental mathematics courses. Our developmental math offerings provide the skills and instruction typically taught in Pre-Algebra, Elementary Algebra and Intermediate Algebra developmental math courses. For detailed information about the program components, visit the Higher Education Curricula page.